September 14, 2022
Youth is Excited About His Future in Welding

Andrew enrolled in the NextGen Workforce program because of dropping out of high school due to barriers. Through the program, Andrew returned to school, explored career options, and was very interested in the welding program at Blue Ridge Community College. He decided to enroll, but after attempting the program during his high school career, Andrew had to put this on hold due to barriers. With the help of the Career Coach, Andrew was able to find a part time job in a location where they supported their employees with housing.

Along with the support of the Career Coach and the NextGen Workforce program, Andrew was able to thrive. He graduated, but due to limited hours at his current employment, he decided to apply for a full-time position. Just recently, Andrew received a phone call from Linamar Corporation, a manufacturing company and was offered a full-time job as a machine operator. Andrew is thrilled with this news and excited about his future!

Andrew feels that this career path is the right one for him. He hopes to buy a house very soon, become financially stable and continue reaching for his dreams. Andrew will soon be married to his high school sweetheart whom he has been dating for over two years and is in the NextGen Workforce program also. He gives her and the program a lot of credit for his success.

Andrew says “the program gave me somebody to provide me with guidance and support during a time that I was struggling. I had somebody to help me create goals and continue to help me make them happen. I am glad that I am finished with high school and am thankful that I decided to make it through.”

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