September 14, 2022
Single Mom Determined to Succeed

Hannah considered dropping out of school, but she learned of the Innovation High School with the NextGen Workforce program and set up an appointment with the Career Coach.  Hannah thought the smaller classes would better suit her. She became pregnant and struggled to attend classes. She gave birth and was placed on Homebound services but did not complete any assignments during this time. Hannah realized it was time to get serious about finishing school.

The Career Coach had built a good relationship and helped Hannah in the Work Experience program. Hannah started to do well in her classes at that point. Along with being a teenage mother, Hannah continued to go to school full time and obtained employment in the community.  She finished her junior year on track to graduate. Hannah’s senior year was much of the same, a full-time single mom raising a one-year-old child, while going to school full time and maintaining her employment.  It was easy to see from her teachers she was determined to succeed.

She finished all her classes to graduate and crossed the stage with a big smile, and her two-year-old daughter with family cheering from the audience! Hannah has always wanted to attend college and after taking the tour at Blue Ridge Community College, she enrolled to take classes in the Automotive Mechanics program.  Hannah is now working with the same company for over a year, has her driver’s license, is engaged to be married, and still raising her daughter on her own.

Hannah spoke of the Workforce program, “it helped me to graduate and finish, and continue my education.”

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