September 14, 2022
High School Student Earns Diploma and CNA License Through NextGen

Angela was enrolled in the NextGen program with the local Workforce Board at the beginning of her senior year of high school. At that time, she was staying with her aunt temporarily due to her father’s imprisonment and her mother’s absence in the home.

Through the NextGen program, Angela was given the opportunity to gain work experience at Madison High School assisting the Athletic Director and work in the front office with clerical and other miscellaneous duties as the need arose. During the second semester of school, Angela decided she would like to pursue a Certified Nursing Assistant license. Because her schedule would not allow her to take the class at the high school, she would have to enroll at the Madison Asheville Buncombe Community College campus.

Angela was awarded a Golden Leaf scholarship to help pay for tuition and books, and through the NextGen program she was able to purchase the supplies needed for the class. With hard work and determination, she attended her regular high school classes and her Certified Nursing Assistant class during the last two months of the school year. She earned her high school diploma, and two months later her Certified Nursing Assistant license.

She is now working full time and no doubt she will accomplish anything she sets her mind to do. She greatly appreciates the NextGen Workforce program.

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