A local economy can only thrive when the people living there have education, skills and talents that allow businesses to grow and prosper. The quality of life a person experiences is directly related to their ability to earn a good living, contribute to society and continue to learn new things.

Workforce Development — in conjunction with local businesses, government, economic development and education — focuses on developing good jobs and effective education/training programs that allow individuals to prosper and grow.


Workforce Development works directly with Businesses to ensure that when a business is ready to expand or relocate to the area, there are local people with the talent, skills and education to immediately fill the new jobs. This often means developing employer-specific training programs and anticipating the needs of many new and growing businesses in our region.

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from working with Workforce Development and take advantage of many opportunities to let us help your business grow and prosper.

Economic Development

Workforce Development works hand-in-hand with economic development to ensure that the region has a globally competitive workforce than encourages business growth or relocation. Recruiting businesses to the region is vital to the economy, and the region must be prepared to compete for good employers on a continuous basis.

Workforce Development’s role in this process is in anticipating and delivering the types of education and training that will be needed now and in the future to meet all sorts of changing demands from the business world.


The role of Workforce Development — at its very core — is helping our region to grow strong and prosper by helping create a workforce that can be successful today and well into the future.

This can only happen where there are effective education and training programs in place.  Workforce Development administers funding that ensures that training money is relevant to the local economy, provides transferable skills that benefit individuals into the future, and that efficiently provides training opportunities to individuals and businesses throughout the region.